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[CP 229 CD] Torallo, Riccardo Allorto; Disco Elettronico, Suite Elettronica n. 1

Creel Pone

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Riccardo Allorto was a close collaborator of Romolo Grano’s (see the delicious “Musica Elettronica-1”; CP-109) across many of the “Colonna Sonora” releases they conspired on for the Orchestra Dell'Angelicum Di Milano’s in-house Angelicum imprint, often credited as, simply, “Torallo”. He used this name just once on a proper solo full-length LP to yield an absolutely insane set of Interplanetary warble & Electronic blasting for the legendary Edizioni Musicali Iller SRL (where it appeared, briefly, alongside D.H. Kimball & Marega’s “Climax”) which rates alongside the Grano & Nardini’s “Musique Pour Le Futur” as one of the highlights of early, noise-blast Electronic caterwaul masqerading as “Useful” production cues.

The lone, undated “Musiche Di Commento - Suite Elettronica N. 1 (Colonna Sonora)” 10” under his own name is included here as well, displaying his prowess in channeling spacey tape-manipulation études with titles like “Quarta Dimensione”, “Gioco Cosmico”, “Spazio Y” & the like & paints a very clear picture of a Composer hell bent on going in his own direction.