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[CP 165 CD] Randall McClellan; Genesis Interruptions +

Creel Pone

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Creel Pone reproduction of Randall McClellan's 1975 Opus One LP "Genesis Interruptions," including, as a bonus, his pieces from the Opus One split with Joel Chadabe & one from a later CRI compilation, collecting all of his Early Electronic Music issued formally in the "Classic Era."

After a semi-recent Sun Ark 4CS box of his later, more New-Age-leaning productions, it's interesting to hear his "Academic," yet largely drone-centric music made when he was the director of the Electronic Music Studio at UMASS Amherst & the Electronic Music Studio at the Eastman School of Music before that. Largely centered around the ideas & techniques of diffusing his own voice through a Tape & Synthesizer-based setup, the extended, electronic-haze-based works on display here utilize all manner of "Classic" Studio Techniques to yield an, often, quite noisy array of aggregate vocal & Electronic sound that acts as a darker forebear of contemporary travelers such as Robert "Lichens" Lowe or even the vocal side of La Monte & Marian's "Black Record."