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[CP 048 CD] Pythagoron™; Pythagoron Inc.

Creel Pone

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Reproduction of a rather odd, late 70s upstate New York “Electronic Music for Healing” lineage LP, credited only to the corporation "Pythagoron Inc. 1977;” about whom we know very little - and maybe it’s best it stays that way. Explaining the music enclosed - encased within, really, without resorting to euphemism is rather hard to do here; so I’ll just give you a rundown of what I hear:

The A-side starts out with a surge of White Noise, then suddenly out of nowhere an out of time Echoplexed Drum-Machine thump begins pulsing - at first the echoes are out of time but slowly it coalesces into a near-Heartbeat rhythm. A fixed flat-fifth realized with an octave-shifting Organ / Synth tone fades in, starts flickering via a series of oscillating square-wave VCLFOs, and the piece starts to gain momentum. This continues for some time before something of a Bass-line kicks in - more of a Triangle-wave root-note pattern - incredibly heavy and super-deep, constantly ebbing and flowing - around which the “Organ” tone shifts in tonality incredibly slowly - a new chord every 5 minutes or so. This continues for almost the entirety of the first side; shimmering overtone-laced chordal drones that, when they do finally resolve, almost immediately begin their ascent towards another tonal trajectory. The side ends after the root-fifth chord that the Bass-line has been suggesting all along finally wins out, and the piece slowly fades to silence.

On the flip, the same drone / thump-set fades in slowly and a new set of chord-patterns are suggested, only this time the side ends with a rather beautiful related-but-unresolved tone-cluster in a different key - while I'm sure there’s some seriously deep Psycho-Acoustic effects & “Music-of-the-Spheres” -lineage mathematical frequency-relations being worked out all over this gem - for about an hour after listening to this, twice, at full volume, everything I heard sounded just that much crisper and I somehow became more aware of the upper harmonics being produced by every single electric / electronic device within earshot; wouldn’t say I was “Stoned” exactly, but definitely ... “Beautiful" - it works just as well as an über-mysterious, almost Krautrock-ian Machine-Music study; timbre-wise, “Cluster II” or any number of later Moe / Roe solo jams are great reference points. Stylistically, I hear strong echoes of the sort of music that was being released on the Japanese Vanity label at around the same time but, alas, any / all connections are purely speculation given the lack of detailed notes / personnel involved.

Any fan of zonked near-cultish Exotica, “Minimal Electronics”, Synth Drones, etc. will do their bodies / minds / spirits well to subjugate their inner will(s) via this one.