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[CP 240-241 CD] Polyagogy, Keyboard Music

Creel Pone

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Handy, double-pack reproduction offering a pair of Compilations on the Greek Music Box label, the first comprised of key Magnetic Tape & Spectral Computer Music pieces by Iannis Xenakis, Dimitris Kamarotos, Xaris Xanthoudakis, & Vasilis Riziotis, the latter of, essentially, Dark Ambient & assorted "Wave" & "Age" fare by Vangelis Katsoulis, Lena Platonos, "Antitheseis" alum Michael Grigoriou, & Minas Alexiades, each on its own disc inside a "Gatefold" booklet.

Released pretty much back-to-back - consecutive catalogue numbers and all - these two provide a clear picture of the state of Electronic Music in Greece in those early, just-post-EU days, and whereas the former disc's tone tends towards the academic & the latter the aesthetic, the bleed between the timbral & formal palettes used throughout is palpable.

This, along with the recent Sfetsas & Rotas sets, and the classic "Greek Electronic Music-1" & "Works of Electronic Music" reassesses the majority of the island's formative work; a fascinating survey of Hellenic topologies & a great bridge into the more unknown factions of 80s Greek Experimental Music.