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[CP 215 CD] Philippe Doray, Les Asociaux Associés; Ramasses-Miettes, Nouveaux Modes Industriels

Creel Pone

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Long on the Creel Pone radar has been this pair of LPs by French bandleader Philippe Doray, recorded in conjunction with the aid of his five "Asociaux Associés" & issued in 1977 & 1980, respectively, via Jean-Marc Patrat & José Serré's Gratte-Ciel & Invisible, the house-label of the inimitable Jacques Pasquier's Société Coopérative d'Ouvriers-Producteurs Artistiques.

Centered around Doray's Synthi VCS3 playing & sprech-stimme vocal stylings, the selections here run the gamut from puerile, absurdist ad hoc rants, munged ring-modulated rhythm box experiments & general minimal-synth filigree, to straight up octave-pedal choogle, all laced with a particularly gallic sensibility. This is one of the more deconstructed and head-scratchingly odd entrants into the canon, with a similar studio-as-orchestra modus as Faust in spots, tethered by Doray's group of droogs, his "Asociaux Associés" who provide more traditional rhythm-section moves, only to disappear into voids of effects & Electronic treatments. 

One of the truly great, outsider statements from the late 70s Francophone Art / Punk / Damage milieu, on par with La Perversita, Ilitch, Pascal Comelade, Jac Berrocal, and Regrelh's formative work.