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[CP 281.06 CD] Patrick Zentz; Day (September 1, 1985)

Creel Pone

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November 2023; sixth title the C.P. "Shorts" program, covering the work of Montana-based sound/sculptor Patrick Zentz, as issued on a 10" "Flexidisc" as part of the catalogue of his 1985 Yellowstone Art Center duo-show w/ Sculptor Dennis Voss.

Coming across as a rural, plains-swept take on the sort of compelling automations channeled by Jean Tinguely (esp. the abrupt, flitting electronic chiming & "frequency translation" aspects) in the late 50s, or via Terry Fox's late-70's work (incidentally, "Culvert" was staged in Missoula in 1977 & was most certainly experienced by Zentz as the similarities here are uncanny) the subtle machinations of water current & pressure that drive the systems at play are gorgeous, recalling Rolf Julius' later 'Small Music' affairs.  

"Audio recordings for the 24 hour period were made to provide documentation of the variations revealed by the instruments' interaction with the environment. The Creek Translator combines the velocity of the wind with the flow of water in a small stream. The Run-Off Drum merges the fluctuations or pulse of the wind with temperature variations. The Horizon Translator unites the directional changes of the wind with the elevational variation of the horizon line. The record was funded in part by Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Anderson."

Interior panels of the 6-panel "Gatefold" booklet describe Zentz' instruments ("[Run-off Drum], Strings [Creek Translator], Wind [Horizon Translator]") in great detail, with the Zentz-centric, dovetailed pages of the show's catalogue presented in fully legible micro-miniature.