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[CP 191-191.5 CD] Österreichische Musik Der Gegenwart, Elektronische Musik 1-3

Creel Pone

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Reproducing a trio of mid-late 80s LP titles on the Amadeo label; "30 Jahre Elektroakustik," "Tonband Und...," & "Tape Music," this double-disc set offers an incredibly wide breadth of work either by composers of Austrian origin - or by those closely aligned with the Austrian Electro-Acoustic community - over a 30-year timeframe.

The first set includes early work by Roman Haubenstock-Ramati (whose "L'Amen De Verre," composed at the GRM in 1957, opens the set), Max Brand (a 1962 piece, "Die Astronauten"), Gyorgy Ligeti (a 1958 version of "Artikulation" composed at the WDR), prior Creel Pone graduates Anestis Logothetis (a different edit of "Fantasmata" composed in 1960 at Vienna's Musikhochschule), Dieter Kaufmann ("Wiener Werkel," ditto 1970), Wilhelm Zobl (a different edit of "Ändere Die Welt, Sie Braucht Es" from 1973, Experimentalstudio Warsaw), Bruno Liberda ("Valse Triste," 1977, Henie Onstad Art Center), Andrea Sodomka ("Playground Suite," 1986, ditto Musikhochschule), and Gerhard Eckel ("Der Zufall Geht," 1986, ditto.)

The latter two offer lengthier pieces, including Irmfried Radauer's "Evocation D'Ockeghem" (1979, Stanford University), Andrzej Dobrowolski's "Musik Für Bassklarinette Und Tonband" (1980, Musikhochschule Graz), Wolfgang Mitterer's "Fractals III" (1984-87, EMS Stockholm), Mia Zabelka & Giselher Smekal's "Sandstrahlentrost" (1987, Studio Wien), Patricia Jünger's "Über Allen Wipfeln Ist Ruh" (1984, Basel), Gottfried Martin's "Sternengesänge I" (1987, Studio Wien), Peter A. Egger's "Z.A.K.O. 6 / Teil 2" (1986, Studio Wien), & Klaus Ager's "Immer Klingen Die Weissen Mauern Der Stadt" (1988, Mozarteum Salzburg.)