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[CP 128 CD] Oskar Sala; Electronic Virtuosity

Creel Pone

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Long in the works, here’s a replica of Oskar Sala’s 1970 “Debut” album (actually ; he did make his recorded debut on the 1961 “Electronics • Five Improvisations on Magnetic Tape” LP alongside Remi Gassmann’s score to a George Balanchine ballet production, but this the first full-length recording of his work) - a Selected Sound Library showcasing (showboating?) his “Electronic Virtuosity,” intended for “Radio Television Film Advertising Backgrounds.”

In some ways the early-electronic equivalent of a Steve Vai record - in many others absolutely nothing like one. The two side-length pieces here consist of extremely deft, multi-tracked performances of Trautwein & Sala’s Trautonium, expertly controlled by Sala & sent packing through all manner of “Tape Studio” effects - the gnarly sproing of reverb & chatty ring modulation timbres are a treat. The B-side’s addition of “Electronic Percussion” only serves to add an extra exotic layer of low, thudding energies & beautifully flitting crackling trills.