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New Music Ensemble; New Music Ensemble (NME Records #19572, 1964)

01. Opening Piece
02. Septet
03. Gestures
04. Laughing Piece
05. Tongue In Groove

06. One June
07. Kitty
08. Quartet
09. Nineteen
10. Art Is The Ends

New Music Ensemble; New Music Ensemble, II (NME Records #22764, 1965)

11. Improvisation
12. Improvisation (Trio)
13. Improvisation
14. Improvisation
15. Improvisation

16. Improvisation
17. Improvisation (Quartet)
18. Improvisation
19. Improvisation
20. Improvisation

[CP 000.17 CD] New Music Ensemble; The Complete Recordings

Creel Pone

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This was the 17th of the ca. 2003 "Proto Creel Pone" titles, featuring both LPs as (Privately) issued in 1964 & 1965, respectively, by this early Sacramento-area Free Improvation group, counting Billie Alexander, Larry Austin, Robert Bloch, Jon Gibson, Wayne Johnson, Stanley Lunetta,  Dary John Mizelle, Richard Swift, and Arthur Woodburry amongst its ranks, and these LPs are certainly the first appearances on record by any or all of them.

Founded in 1963 by Austin, the NME played bi-weekly leading into the sessions & concerts documented here; it's widely rumored (perhaps due to personal hubris) that the tapes of the NME Austin brought to Rome inspired Bertoncini, Branchi, Evangelisti, Guacerro, to form Il Gruppo, and of course the core of Austin, Lunetta, & Woodbury would go on to form the "Source: Music of the Avant Garde" magazine the following year. This replica edition gives us all of the detail & context evident on the original pressings across a six-panel Booklet & preserves all of the ensemble's embryonic transgressions as recorded & issued.