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[CP 000.37 CD] Neue Klangstrukturen Der Musik

Creel Pone

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This was the 37h in the "Proto Creel Pone" series, offering a gorgeous replica of this ostensibly misleading 1980 semi-"Instructional" title on the German "Sacred Music" label Christophorus covering (first LP/disc) Hans Peter Haller's "Einführung In Die Elektronische Klangumformung" ("Introduction to Electronic Sound Shaping", in which Haller's animated German-language monolog is, increasingly, interrupted by bizarre examples, ultimately leading to longer pieces of gorgeous real-time Electronic Drone) followed by (second LP/disc) Haller's piece "Workshop II Für Flöten Und Elektronische Klangumformung" (featuring the American Flautist & Ensemble Köln & Michael Sell Orchester member Carin Levine), a lengthy Live-Elektronik extrapolation, "Gruppenimprovisation Aus Harvest Work" by the FMP-aligned duo of Günter Christmann & Detlef Schönenberg (whose 1976 LP "Remarks" featuring Stockhausen sideman Harald Boje on Electronium Synth is a precursor to the awesome Electro-Acoustic extrapolations herein) & finally a side-length piece by Spanish Composer Cristóbal Halffter Jiménez-Encina ("Noche Passiva Del Sentido Für Stimme, 2 Schlagzeuger Und Elektronische Klangumformung") all captured at the legendary Experimentalstudio der Heinrich-Strobel-Stiftung des Südwestfunks Freiburg.

This comes as two discs (clearly labeled) inside an eye-popping glossy 6-panel booklet containing all imagery & liner notes from the original pressing. One of the best of this 000.3X run, a title I'm often recommending to folks to check out for music navigating that tricky ravine between through-composed & purely improvised Electronic work; glad to have this available again!