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Musiques Electro Acoustiques Et Instruments
(Communauté De Travail Pour La Diffusion De La Musique Suisse #CTS 44, 1971)

1-01. André Zumbach; Cris [For Recitative Voice, Flute, Percussion And Magnetic Tape] (15:17)
1-02. Werner Kaegi; Kyoto [For Instruments And Magnetic Tape] (8:42)

1-03. Eric Gaudibert; Solstice [For Piano And Magnetic Tape] (11:22)
1-04. Bernard Schulé; Géometrie Animée [For Pre-recorded Harp, Percussion And Magnetic Tape] (8:33)

from Micromégas VI (No Label #30-230)

2-01. André Zumbach; Chronophonie (24:57)

Vom Sinuston Zur Elektronischen Musik (No Label #EP-33-365, 1971)

2-02. Dr. Werner Kaegi; Vom Sinuston Zur Elektronischen Musik [1] (7:07)

2-03. Dr. Werner Kaegi; Vom Sinuston Zur Elektronischen Musik [2] (7:48)

from Contemporary Music From Switzerland (Musica Helvetica #MH-37/38, 1982)

2-04. Eric Gaudibert; Excerpt From Chamber Opera "Each One His Own Ape" (4:46) 1973-1974

from Choeur des Écoles de Pully ... de 1975 a 1979 (Kiosque D'Orphee #KO/09.1008, 1979)

2-05. Bernard Schule; Passage au Zenith [Voix et Bande Magnétique] (4:15)

[CP 263 CD] André Zumbach, Werner Kaegi, Eric Gaudibert, Bernard Schulé; Musiques Électro Acoustiques Et Instruments +

Creel Pone

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May 2022; this has been in the C.P. ranks for as long as we've been aware of the original 1971 LP, a compilation featuring one piece each by 4 Swiss Electro-Acoustic Composers. While on its own a fantastic rundown of Early Electronic work, its discovery opened the floodgates & led to a decade-long research project in which each composer's supplemental, relevant work was discovered & obtained, leading to an entire second disc of materials by all four. 

So, in addition to their pieces on the "Musiques Electro Acoustiques Et Instruments" LP, you get (in order) André Zumbach's "Chronophonie" (from "MicroMegas VI" "Split" w/ Joseph Haydn), the entirety of Werner Kaegi's 1971 "Vom Sinuston Zur Elektronischen Musik" 7", the excerpt from Eric Gaudibert's "Each One His Own Ape" (1973 - 1974) from the "Contemporary Music From Switzerland" 2LP, and finally an excerpt of Bernard Schule's "Passage au Zénith" as issued on a Kiosque D'Orphee single featuring performances by the Choeur des écoles de Pully. 

Think of it as a premature "réédition" of an unfinished title from years back; essentially a "Stone Soup" edition using the "Musiques Electro Acoustiques" as the initial seed. Comes with a 4-panel replica insert of the inset booklet of the Kaegi EP, subtitled "Eine Einführung in die Technik der elektronischen Musik."