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After Guernica (Golden Crest LP #CR-4092, 1969)

1-01. After Guernica (9:43) 1969
1-02. The Origin Of Prophecy (14:41) 1964

1-03. Luminescences (13:21) 1967
1-04. Refractions For Clarinet And Tape (15:07) 1962

from New York Brass Quintet Plays Morris Knight (Now Records LP #RN-9, 1972)

1-05. Toscatta (14:23)

Assortments (Now Records LP #RN-10, 1972)

2-01. Varieties For Solo Flute With Viola And Violoncello (7:50)
2-02. Duo For Violin And Violoncello (9:43)
2-03. Binaries For Oboe And Bassoon (6:51)

2-04. Assortments #1 For Clarinet, Trumpet & Violin (6:00)
2-05. Suite For Clarinet And Violoncello (10:04)
2-06. Assortments #2 For Oboe, Trombone And Viola (6:54)

from Quintet For Winds (Now Records LP #N9631/N9632, 1973)

2-07. Instances (5:42)

from Songs Of Our Time (Golden Crest LP #CRS 4087)

2-08. Miracles (26:33)

[CP 027 CD] Morris Knight; After Guernica, Assortments +

Creel Pone

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May 2022; as part of the (ongoing) Creel Pone 17th Anniversary celebrations, it felt like high time to revisit this classic early C.P. title, now augmented to include the majority of Knight's other known recordings from the vinyl era, including the entirety of his LP "Assortments" (Now #RN-10, 1972), plus the pieces "Toscatta" (from "New York Brass Quintet Plays Morris Knight", Now #RN-09, 1972, omitting the rest of the LP for "Mission Creep" purposes & keeping this at a slim two discs), "Instances" (from The Musical Arts Quintet's "Quintet For Winds", Now #RN-9631, 1973), & "Miracles" (from  Ball State University Choir & Instrumental Ensemble's "Songs Of Our Time", Golden Crest #CRS-4087, 1968) thus bringing everyone up to speed on this wonderful, unheralded composer. Comes with a replica of the Golden Crest "Press Card" & a reproduction of the insert included with the Musical Arts Quintet LP...

Once again the “boxes from Reykjavik” have started arriving on Thursday mornings like clockwork; let’s start up again not with an outright explosion of lost Tape-Psych damage - to give us all time to recover - but with a rather remarkable set of subtle, Lo-Fi Electronic compositions composed throughout the 60s & originally released in the early 70s on the regional Classical label “Golden Crest Records, Inc.”

Of the past Creel Pones, this one has the most in common with the George Engler “Inside of the Outside” title - long, dynamic stretches of distant ensemble / tape-sound, mired in cavernous murk and questionable engineering practices suddenly erupt in rising waves of feedback, field-recorded clanks and whirrs - and piles of distortion. The second piece, “The Origin of the Prophesy”, has a continuous voice-over - heavy stereo & echo over a bit of backwards bell-chains and metal clangs that comes across as a rural american Intersystems “Cover Band.”

The bottom line: if you’re into lo-fi mid-60s bedroom-tape-music-studio antics I can’t imagine how you’ll be let down by this; it’s crawling with the sort of signifiers that all Creel Pones possess.