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Michael Lobel; Trip-Tych

Creel Pone
CP 117 CD
Compact Disc-Recordable

Originally brought to light in 1977 by Serenus - the same folks that unleashed the early Creel Pone “Hit,” “The Inside of the Outside ... or the Outside of the Inside”) this is a fine example of a record that straddles the divide between library-music style conventions - many of the pieces are short, melodic numbers of the sort that would dot the silent spaces in a public-tv science program - and wild, free-form synthesizer filigree.

Thematically linked into three “Themes”, the A-side’s “The Bible” suite takes you through a series of old testament scenarios - partly brimstone, partly hell-fire - with each piece based on a particular verse. The B-side offers a suite based on Gulliver’s Travels - lighter, more sprightly fare - then a quintet of pieces sub-titled “Modern Times” that wades out into darker waters, offering several glimpses of Raicevic-ian abandon.

An excellent title for a Creel Pone, one of which i hadn’t seen / heard until now, rescued from a charity shop back room & entered (back) into our collective consciousness.


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