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[CP 059 CD] Max E. Keller, Martin Fischer, Martin Schwarzenlander; SMI, Sozialistische Musiker Initiative, Warum Sollte Ich Wohl?: Ein Elektroakustisches Manifest Gegen Die Phallokratie+

Creel Pone

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2014 reédition of this enduring title now amended to include Martin Fischer, Martin Schwarzelander's Private-Press Arcana-label 1980/84 LP "Warum Sollte Ich Wohl?: Ein Elektroakustisches Manifest Gegen Die Phallokratie" on a second disc, along with the only other piece of Max E. Keller's released at the time, "Repetitionen I-V Für Cembalo", composed in 1980 & appearing here as a 1982 recording made at Radio DRS, Studio Basel & issued by the Dörtmund-based pläne imprint at the tail-end of the 80s at the end of the same! Comes complete with reproductions of both of the 8-panel "Textbeilage LP SMI-001 Supplement" & "Warum sollte ich wohl?" pamphlets/manifestos!

Creel Pone here resuming the regular one-a-week schedule for the next few weeks / months, starting off here with easily the noisiest entrant since Pierre Henry’s “Mise en Musique” - possibly even moreso! - a split LP of Socialist Text-Sound & Musique Concrète works by composers Max Keller and Martin Schwarzenlander.

The A-side piece, Keller’s “Sicher Sein...” interjects continuous, ululated German / Austrian texts with jabs of random, synthesized noise, sample-and-hold bleeping, and piercing high-drones; but the real score here is on the B-side c/o Schwarzenlander’s two pieces: “Erst Wolt Ihr Den Petersbrunnhof Dann Hellbrunn und Schliesslich Gar Schloss Mirabell” is a woozy Plunderphonic piece rife with atonal synth, wafting along until around the 8-minute mark, when some rather nasty speaker-clip sounds rise and take over. “Unter Dem Pflasterstein ( Noch Immer ) Liegt Der Strand” hits us pretty much straight away with a minute-long rise into sheer volume, followed shortly thereafter by a dense bit of harsh tape cut-ups and continues on-track until the piece’s climax.

Politics aside, this is just incredibly impressive music; its date-of-inception causing many a double-take around these parts. Fans of the Logothetis Creel Pone take note.