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[CP 035 CD] Luis De Pablo; We (Nosotros)

Creel Pone

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1969 plunderphonic / Musique Concrète epic from Luis De Pablo, a Madrid-based Composer working out of his own home-studio - referred to in the Hugh Davies catalogue as simply “Madrid (Luis De Pablo.)” I’ve seen a few different versions of this record - various European pressings; this Creel Pone replicates the Spanish Clave and German Polydor editions - it’s even rumored that each pressing contains a different version of the piece (!?) along with their different Psychedelic artworks.

Musically, it’s a hazy blast of hard left / right panned / square-wave gated found dialogue & “Documentary” audio footage, zonked Sound Poetry, crispy reverbed-out synth blurts, and long sections of almost inaudible filtered sub-bass drones & crackling field recordings. There’s a towering “one man against the world” vibe throughout, fueled no doubt by the glistening Lo-Fi production & continually overloaded tape - plus through the use of multiple layers of repeated / sampled material - political speeches, recordings of ethnic music(s), snatches of “Genre” pieces, etc. - a dense fog of sound erupts, leveling all in its path.

This is certainly one for the ADD-addled fan of early electronic sound; just the right combination of woozy weirdness and sonic insanity.