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[CP 177 CD] Luc Marianni; Souvenirs Du Futur

Creel Pone

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Creel Pone reproduction of the 1980 debut outing by the French Composer-Musician Luc Marianni; a fine example of the home-studio Concrète spec as it segued into the post-punk age.

Issued by the band Pataphonie - whose own 1975 debut for the Pôle label is something of a neglected classic - as the only other release on their Féeri Music imprint aside from their second album "Le Matin Blanc," "Souvenirs" dazzles out of the gates with its backwards-masked synthesizer filigree, segueing into some fantastic zones of minimal-click percussion, tape-guitar manifestations, and some fine, edit-heavy assemblage that recalls both Jean Marc Foussat's seminal "Abattage" & the more open-ended / experimental passages of the early-mid Richard Pinhas / Alain Renaud oeuvre; elements of the razor-sharp metallic percussion & tape-guitar filigree remind me of Michael Sahl, Bruno Menny, & Klaus Röder's similar exploits, albeit coming from more of a psych-prog foundation.

This C.P. replication of a specific copy includes reproductions of not just the music & the sleeve - signed, with a dedication to "Patrick" - but all of the promotional materials included with said: the 9-page skewed-alignment ditto-paper "press junket," applied stickers, and even Luc's own business card.