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[CP 083 CD] Lorq Damon; Journey to the Land of Forgotten Dreams

Creel Pone

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Total downer one-man-against the world synth action from one Lorq Damon; “Dedicated to all who believe in the beyond.” The artists’ liners cite strict instructions on how to enjoy this music; i.e. that this “is a psychic experience and not a musical composition.”

Whereas the Nik Raicevic material was full of drug-addled, woozy rhythms & off-time pulsing, this is sheer long-form drone-work, bordering on the inaudible in spots. The waves of atonal analogue sound positively peeling off of the cheap radio-shack lineage tape onto which they were laid on a single day back in 1972 - seriously - this is one of the more lo-fi electronic-music-for-spritual-enhancement lineage titles i’ve come across.

Much like the work of his unheralded brethren Cellutron and Pythagoron™, Lorq found the magic link between the analogue synthesizer and the other; one of those records that, at first, has you scratching your head before willfully submitting to the wraith-like stream of spectral tones & dementia-addled bleeps. A much deserved huzzah for Mr. P.C. C.P. in rescuing this one from the “Dream World.”