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[CP 232 CD] Liviu Dandara, Adrian Tomescu; Suspended Time • Affectus Memoria • Quadriforium III • Three Stages About Silence • Rezonances, Piano Recital

Creel Pone

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Finally, here's the last title in Creel Pone's survey of Romanian Electro-Acoustic music, covering both Liviu Dandara's "Suspended Time • Affectus Memoria • Quadriforium III • Three Stages About Silence • Rezonances" as well as pianist Adrian Tomescu's "Piano Recital". 

Composed between 1970 & 1973, respectively, at Experimental Music Studio Of Czechoslovak Radio Plzeň, Čs. Rozhlas Bratislava, and the in-house facilities of the State-run Electrocord label the trilogy of pure Electro-Acoustic pieces that open the proceedings here drip with prime-era Eastern-European gloss, comprised of layerings of tightly-wound band-pass filtered noises and creaking prepared-piano jabs courtesy of Tomescu, whose playing over the remaining "Three Stages About Silence" & "Rezonances" alternatingly channels Cecil Taylor's tightly grouped clusters and the muted, atonal filigree of Giuseppe Morocchi. 

Conceptually bound to the Dandara suite is the Tomescu recital set (on its own separate disc) in which the pianist realizes further Electro-Acoustic works by Dandara & Costin Cazaban along with apropos suite for Harpsichord, Celeste, and Piano by Miriam Marbé, Fred Popovici, and Valentin Petculescu, all in awe of David Tudor's inventions in "extended performance techniques" cut to errant washes of Electronic Drone.