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[CP 129 CD] Lelo Nazario; Discurso aos Objectos #2

Creel Pone

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Two incredible, light-speed Musique Concrète pieces from the Brazilian composer & Grupo Um member Lelo Nazario.

The first, “Discurso Aos Objectos #2” manages to shove in pretty much the entire universe of sound (loud, destruction-oriented sections of recorded action - spoken / shouted proclamations in “7 Linguagens Diferentes” - little blasts of instrumental & site-specific sonorities - short. automated “Pure” electronic & synthesizer blurst) into a relatively short 8 minutes. Then, the second, “Balada Unidimensional” organizing the same (perhaps at a slightly more “conversational” pace) alongside Paulo Bellinati’s “Violåo” (classical guitar) shred.

Composed at NHK in Tokyo, NDRS in München, and his own Norte Magnetico in São Paolo, these two pieces present a higher “ideas per second” ratio than most of the “Side-Length” tape-collage pieces of the era combined - the dexterity & technical skill on display here is staggering, matched only by decades-later computer-assemblage pieces like John Oswald’s “Plexure” (sans the pop-culture referentiality.)

You’ll definitely need a few repeat listens to register everything that’s happening here (Mr. P.C. C.P. was kind enough to include transcriptions of the both 45rpm-pressed pieces at 33rpm, for the “students” of the form - a wise choice.)