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[CP 086 CD] Laszlo Dubrovay; Live Electronic

Creel Pone

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After a long winter-hiatus, Creel Pone returns anew in fine form w /a reproduction of this 1979 Hungaroton-label burner, covering a series of "Live Electronic" pieces composed by Laszlo Dubrovay during the mid-late 70s.

After an extended "Modern Composition" -leaning ensemble-bleep venture - i.e. heavily filtered / ring-modulated piano, strings, cimbalom, and percussion playing in a sparse, pointillist manner - the album progresses into deeper waters, first with a sorted piano / synthesizer duet between Dubrovay and partner Zsuzsanna Kiss, then a killer 18-minute auto-filtered electronic organ / synthesizer droner - thick, sliding tones, never quite reaching any kind of tonal center, with errant flurries of fizzy VCLFO'ed resonance-figures - & finally a sparse, electronically-enhanced cimbalom & cello piece, using the ring-mod in its lowest-frequency settings, resulting in almost auto-gate sound rich with deep, filtered out passages.

Notable both for being one of the earliest Eastern-European "Classical" live-electronic sets; certain sections recall the more freewheeling Electro-Acoustic improv of Il Gruppo, MEV, and even David Tudor"s reading of Larry Austin"s "Accidents." Once again, Mr P.C. C.P. has dug up a fine slice of Early Electronic-music experimentation missing from the myriad history-books & documentation. Plus, this Creel Pone edition replicates the eye-popping cover-art, with its EMS Synthi-A pin-matrix.