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La Page À Musique, Musique Et Handicap (PAAF 4)

01. Improvisation 1 (6:46)
02. Improvisation 2 (6:21)

03. Electro-Musique Casio 1ère Partie (0:33)
04. Ou On Fait Un Truc Génial Ou On Le Fait Pas (7:01)
05. Electro-Musique Casio 2e Et 3e Parties (2:27)
06. Au Clair De La Lune (1:29)
07. Electro-Musique Casio 4e Partie (1:01)

[CP 281.01 CD] La Page À Musique, Musique Et Handicap

Creel Pone

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January 2023; Inaugurating the C.P. "Shorts" sub-series (featuring newly discovered titles that are less than 30m total, at a premium) here is a replica edition of an undated (although I'm guessing from the equipment & personnel credits this was recorded in the early 80s) "Private" gatefold issued by the Groupe de musique expérimentale de Marseille (aka the GMEM; now the gmem-CNCM-marseille) covering the group's work with Provence-area youth musicians.

Much in the spirit of Basil Kirchin's "Worlds Within Worlds 3 & 4" the deft, often invisible touch of the group's in-house Composers Jacques Diennet, Lucien Bertolina, Martine Olivares, & Patrick Portella serves to only enhance and highlight just how great the discovery & joy of Experimental Music can be. The two extended vocal-drone pieces that make up the A-Side wouldn't be out of place of any number of contemporary albums, and the chopped & screwed Casionics that (impossibly, largely) make up the B-Side certainly have much en ligne w/ the fantastic Glenn Williams title ([CP 208 CD]) in their raw, unbridled application of free forms & structures around the possibilities of the Tape-Studio.

This C.P. edition fully replicates the gorgeous design & art-spec of the original, down to all of the writing & detail evident in the inner Gatefold panels, represented across a 6-panel booklet shrouded in UV Coating. A remarkable set of recordings available once again, and for the princely sum-equivalent of a (decent, qualified) sandwich.