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[CP 000.38 CD] Klaus Cornell, Open Music Group; Oratorio Spelaeologico, «Bericht Von Den Beatushöhlen», Die Spiegel

Creel Pone

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This was the 38th in the "Proto Creel Pone" series, offering both of the LPs initially issued by Jecklin Disco (incidentally the label of the similarly-named musical instrument store & namesake of the "Jecklin Disc" recording method) covering the work of Swiss composer Klaus Cornell & his Open Music Group. 

Notable for including "Cottonwood Hill" -era Brainticket member Willy Bischoff (credited here on "Keyboards" but in fact utilizing an entire Live-Electronic setup; his presence echoing Conny Plank's on the Wired LP of the DG "Free Improvisation" box, [CP 000.25 CD]), across a series of performances given between 1972 & 1979 the Group veer between guided improvisations and Kagel/Lachenmann -esque extended techniques with a palpable sense of ease, culminating in the hybrid acoustic-electronic splendor of "Die Spiegel, Kantate Für Soli, Chor, Instrumente Und Live-Elektronik".

Wonderful music, seldom talked about, and fitting neatly within the continuum of Live-Electronic improv mapped out by MEV, Il Gruppo, and the like. Comes as two discs (each clocking in close to an hour) sandwiched inside a six-panel full-color booklet.