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01. Country Phase Disco [Rythmic Synthesizer] (3:23)
02. Hermes [Synthesizer Melodic Analogic](2:16)
03. Electronic Amazonie [Marimba Synthesizers] (1:06)
04. Tropic Holiday [Melodic Synthesizers Rythmics Computer](3:20)
05. Paysage Campagnard [Synthesizer Violincello Live Strings Acustic Piano] 3:15)
06. Portugese Mad Camel [Synthesizers] (1:07)
07. Melodie Orientale [Acustic String Instruments](2:33)
08. Infarctus [Electro Acustic] (2:26)

09. Industrial Boogie [Synthesizers] (2:53)
10. Une Abeille Butine... [Synthesizers] (1:33)
11. Urgence [Synthesizers] (2:41)
12. Funny Walk [Synthesizers] (2:22)
13. Tension Televisuelle [Synthesizers] (2:51)
14. Down Town Fanfare [Synthesizers] (2:29)
15. Traffic [Synthesizers] (2:03)
16. Storm [Electro Acustic] (2:09)


[CP 253 CD] Kent Carter; Network

Creel Pone

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Issued in 1986 as the 10th entrant in the Régis "Bernard Lamastre" Raymond Justin Marie Charles Delaye-helmed (see CP 199.12 for further context) French Library Discobole's (essentially a sub-label under Illustra-Son, tied to the eponymous Editions Régis DELAYE) "Treasures of Music" series, this seemingly improbable set of untethered, multi-rhythmic-cell Electronic music by the American Free Improvising Bassist Kent Carter cleanly presages much of the oncoming wave of asynchronous / decentralized "Dance" music of the mid-90s onwards by a good decade...

That the Derek Bailey / Carla / Paul Bley / Noah Howard /  Robin Kenyatta / Steve Lacy sideman & Spontaneous Music Ensemble / Jazz Composer's Orchestra / Un Drame Musical Instantané member had the conceptual wherewithal in the early-mid-80s to lay down such an absurdly prescient suite of, essentially, "Deconstructed Electro" and then have it buried in this catalogue of "Sound Illustration For Radio-TV-Cinema" is somewhat criminal; that it incorporates an almost comically pitch-perfect timbre-set of gurning FM-synthesis & crispy analogue / digital percussion (even if I want to link this to the algorithmic work of Laurie Spiegel - esp. the whole "Concerto Generator" / Hal Alles synth world - it's timbrally way closer to Nobukazu Takemura's 90s work) & even moreso, at times reminiscent of the Afro-Futurist synthesis of Francis Bebey & William Onyeabor (the "Globe" on the front cover putting the African Continent front & center is 👨‍🍳💋). Many of the "Automatic" pieces sprinkled throughout cleanly mesh the whole League of Automatic Music Composers scene w/ the then-nascent BGM / Video Game score world in a super-appealing way, lending echoes of Wim Mertens / Soft Verdict's "For Amusement Only" & Joel Van Droogenbroeck's "Video Games & Data Movements" & there's even a pair of proper (if all-too-brief) Electro-Acoustic assemblages at the tail-end of each side!

Personally speaking, in the decades that I've been trawling the Library sector for interesting & unexpected productions (I've gone through maybe 500 titles since discovering this wonderful, often frustrating world of music a few-three decades back) I've only found a handful of things that have truly surprised me, and this is amongst the best & most rewarding; a simply unbelievable record that cleanly bridges the whole Ictus / Incus / Emanem world with IDK Mega Wave Orchestra, Joan Wildman Trio, and later the whole SND / Mark Fell axis.