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[H-RA 004 CS] GRM [Redactions]


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Fourth in this series of short-run "Hi-Res Audio" releases, this cassette edition of the entirety of "GRM [Redactions]" was produced in early June, 2020 and comes as a "NRS- Type I Normal Bias C-47 Green Solid - Tabs Out (No Screws)" tape with full-color printed labels inside a "YELLOW NORELCO CASSETTE BOX" alongside a double-sided full-color printed J-Card with a gold-foil-stamped "Hi-Res AUDIO Sticker" affixed to the outside of the Norelco, all housed inside "JAPAN RESEALABLE PLASTIC BAG for CASSETTE TAPE Top Open w/Flap", with the kanji-imprinted strip left intact.

These were dubbed (hot) to tape from the original masters in batches of 4 via a Recordex Soundmaster IV here in the studio in Brooklyn, NY, and I couldn't be happier with how the transduction from a stream of 1s and 0s to a proper magnetic field has transformed the material. The artwork uses 4 images looking down on a fellow passenger from the top of the Long Island Ferry randomly distributed across the entire pressing, and there is an image on the inside of the J-card of the St. Denis courtyard in which, at the dead of dawn, I had the idea to combine these particular sounds into the piece in question. Comes with a voucher which you can use to claim the appropriate "Digital Assets" over at Bandcamp.

Studio Redactions comprised of field- & location-recordings of Wire Shelving in the Mimaroglu offices (Cambridge), the Long Island Ferry (Bridgeport to Orient Point), Windchimes (Somerville), Bell Tree & Bamboo (Banff), Coal-Powered Trains (Stamford), Vocoded actions from Kraftwerk (Berlin), and various musicians and environments captured in the Metro around Paris (Flute player, Senegalese drummer, Trains, Environments)

Composed & Recorded in one take at GRM Studio C, Paris, November 17th, 2017. Thanks to François Bonnet & everyone at GRM.