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[H-RA 007 CS] Contemporary Drummer [Redactions]


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The seventh title in a series of short-run "Hi-Res Audio" releases, this edition of "Contemporary Drummer [Redactions]" was manufactured during July 2020, and comes as a C-72 Music Grade Normal Bias Tape housed in its own Clear/Burgundy Norelco Case (with the apropos gold-foil-stamped sticker affixed to the lower-right of the cover) along with full-color printed labels & J-Cards, inside a cell-taped "Disk Union" style vertical sleeve (with the kanji strip in tact). These were dubbed (hot) to tape from the original masters in batches of 4 via a Recordex Soundmaster IV here in the studio in Brooklyn, NY, and the fidelity/experience is greatly heightened due to this process.

As this was the last of the "Redactions" (for now, and for the foreseeable future) on the cusp of the piece's 5-year anniversary, it felt right to commemorate the journey from concept to form to refinement in such a grandiose way with this edition. The A-Side featured the complete, uninterrupted performance at Constellation on February 29th, 2020, and the B-Side is a layering of the three "Grain Stretch" takes for a subdued/sublime come-down. Features photography by Andie Giafaglione. Comes with a voucher which you can use to claim the appropriate "Digital Assets" over at Bandcamp.

Two-part, real-time Musique Concrète suite composed & performed in Quad at Constellation, Chicago, Leap-Year Day 2020, specifically and solely for Peter Margasak’s Frequency Festival.

A standalone component of the “Redactions” series convened for the Constellation performance, the source material for this 4-channel improvisation consists largely of YouTube™ rips of Drum Solos (by, respectively: Ben Riley, Han Bennink, Sunny Murray, Toshi Tsuchitori, Tony Williams, Billy Higgins, Billy Cobham, & Jon Christensen [RIP]) alongside ASMR-lineage sonic interaction-artifacts of tiny, tiny magnets and a small selection of Redaction “Greatest Hits” materials (Serge recorded at GRM & EMS, Synthi 100 at Rick’s, Tarek Atoui’s Organ Within at Kurimanzutto, Joep Van Lieshout sculptures at Pioneer Works, speaker stands at Standards, and distant, audience-perspective field recordings of Amadou Suso & Het Interstedelijk Harmoniumverbond) used solely as Carrier-Wave sources for the vocoding of the above Modulator-Wave feeds.

Mixed and Mastered at Lafayette Underground on March 3rd, 2020. Stereo ½ channel direct feed coupled with ¾ channel feed from room-mics supplied as a negation/inversion against the direct feed, with everything sent through a maze of software comparators/gates for further processing. Headphones and/or a wide-stereo array are essential for reproducing the azimuthal aspects of the multi-channel image. Please listen as loud as humanly possible, within reason.