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[H-RA 006 CS] [A] nalogue [S] hift [R] egister


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The sixth in this series of short-run "Hi-Res Audio" releases; a C-40 cassette edition of the entirety of "ASR" as produced in mid-June, 2020. This comes as a "NRS- Type I Normal Bias C-40 Yellow Solid - Tabs Out (No Screws)" cassette with full-color printed labels inside a "YELLOW NORELCO CASSETTE BOX" alongside a double-sided full-color printed J-Card with a gold-foil-stamped "Hi-Res AUDIO Sticker" affixed to the outside of the Norelco, housed inside a"JAPAN RESEALABLE PLASTIC BAG for CASSETTE TAPE Top Open w/Flap" sleeve, with the kanji-imprinted strip left intact; cello-taped shut.

These were dubbed (hot) to tape from the original masters in batches of 4 via a Recordex Soundmaster IV here in the studio in Brooklyn, NY; what may drive you mad about this particular set of music on tape is the somewhat consistent, albeit subtle wow/flutter matrices invited by the mid-speed dubbing processes. Personally, I feel it extends the linearity of the music considerably, and your perhaps Catholic reactions to this alteration are not so much of interest to me as your idea that this music is in no way IMPROVED by this; I beg to differ. If the idea of hearing/owning a rather woozy, space-time altered variant of the relatively accurate clocking of this piece's initial capture isn't appealing, I highly recommend sticking to the latter. The rest of us will revel in the infinite gradations of motor-speed variance while languishing in the splendor of the ferrite-exchanges that make this all so special. Comes with a voucher which you can use to claim the appropriate "Digital Assets" over at Bandcamp.

An unabashed love-letter to the Analogue Shift Register, recorded at Mimaroglu on May 23rd, 2010, unreleased until now. Dedicated to Serge Tcherepnin, Fukushi Kawakami, Barry Schrader, Peter Grenadier, Dieter Doepfer, & Felix Kubin.