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[CP 032 CD] Jocy De Oliveira; Estórias Para Voz Instrumentos Acústicos E Eletrônicos, New Music Circles +

Creel Pone

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2016 "Deluxe" double-disc reédition of arguably one of the "Top Ten" Creel Pones from early in the series' "L'Age D'Or", now including (on a separate disc) the entirety of the "New Music Circles" compilation (by/for which the original " Estória For Two Performers And Magnetic Tape" was commissioned) as well as the later "Bonus" piece "Raga No Amazonas" (worth it alone for its extremely 80s FM-synth bonk & scatter) at the end of disc one! This also includes a gorgeous 8-panel zipper/accordion-fold booklet with writing & scores from all four pieces on the "Estorias" set as well as a deeply saturated reprint of a wild photograph of the 1970 premier of "Polinterações" as hosted by the NMC!

As the word of the Creel-Pone revolution spreads, collectors and aggregates far and wide have gotten in touch with "Mr. P.C. C.P.," asking how they can contribute to the cause - the answer is simple; avail your personal collection of Early-Electronic knowledge / wax so that others may benefit from the fruit it bears & become a "Member" of the cabal.

Here we have a fine example of just what exactly is lurking out there; a fine 1981 collection of “Stories” for Voice, Acoustic, and Electronic Instruments composed by Ms. Jocy De Oliveira between 1971 and 1980 - originally released on the micro “Fermata Indústria Fonográfica Ltda. imprint - loaned by a mysterious individual known eponymously as “Von.”

Aside from being the first bit of Brazlian Early-Electronic music that I’ve ever heard, it's a magnificent display of Vox-Electronic fireworks, ranging from Joan La Barbara-esque squiggles over a melange of traditional Brazilian / Orchestral percussion and just messed-up garbled-Tape zombie-riffage to full-bore Synthi / Buchla / Arp squabble & resonant Drone-work. The last piece alone comes across like the lost Tropicalia / Psych / free-Vocal / Ring-Modulator freakout / jam hybrid that you’ve only dreamt about. 

Absolutely gorgeous and a fine addition to the C.P. “Canon.”