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[CP 032 CD] Jocy De Oliveira; Estórias Para Voz Instrumentos Acústicos E Eletrônicos, New Music Circles +

Creel Pone

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2016 "Deluxe" double-disc reédition of arguably one of the "Top Ten" Creel Pones from early in the series' "L'Age D'Or", now including (on a separate disc) the entirety of the "New Music Circles" compilation (by/for which the original "Estória For Two Performers And Magnetic Tape" was commissioned) as well as the later "Bonus" piece "Raga No Amazonas" (worth it alone for its extremely 80s FM-synth bonk & scatter) at the end of disc one! This also includes a gorgeous 8-panel zipper/accordion-fold booklet with writing & scores from all four pieces on the "Estorias" set as well as a deeply saturated reprint of a wild photograph of the 1970 premier of "Polinterações" as hosted by the NMC!

As the word of the Creel-Pone revolution spreads, collectors and aggregates far and wide have gotten in touch with "Mr. P.C. C.P.," asking how they can contribute to the cause - the answer is simple; avail your personal collection of Early-Electronic knowledge / wax so that others may benefit from the fruit it bears & become a "Member" of the cabal.

Here we have a fine example of just what exactly is lurking out there; a fine 1981 collection of “Stories” for Voice, Acoustic, and Electronic Instruments composed by Ms. Jocy De Oliveira between 1971 and 1980 - originally released on the micro “Fermata Indústria Fonográfica Ltda. imprint - loaned by a mysterious individual known eponymously as “Von.”

Aside from being the first bit of Brazlian Early-Electronic music that I’ve ever heard, it's a magnificent display of Vox-Electronic fireworks, ranging from Joan La Barbara-esque squiggles over a melange of traditional Brazilian / Orchestral percussion and just messed-up garbled-Tape zombie-riffage to full-bore Synthi / Buchla / Arp squabble & resonant Drone-work. The last piece alone comes across like the lost Tropicalia / Psych / free-Vocal / Ring-Modulator freakout / jam hybrid that you’ve only dreamt about. 

Absolutely gorgeous and a fine addition to the C.P. “Canon.”