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Joanna Bruzdowicz; Pavane Recordings

Creel Pone
CP 149 CD
Compact Disc-Recordable

Creel Pone treatment of this trilogy of LPs, centering around the majorly slept-on set of dark, minimal, surrealist electro-acoustic & Musique Concrète pieces from the Polish composer Joanna Bruzdowicz, a member of the GRM under Pierre Schaeffer’s tutelage between 1968 & 1970 & long-term collaborator of Agnes Varda’s, for whom she scored several films from the mid-80’s on, including “Les Glaneurs et la Glaneuse.”

The LP in question consists of the three-part “Homo Faber” suite - composed in Belgium between 1970 & 1975 at the storied IPEM in Ghent -  & a 5-part suite of flute (performed admirably by Marc Grauwels) & electronic miniatures, “Dum Spiro Spero,” composed in 1981. Ranging from edit-heavy Concrète assemblages to more serene & focused tonal studies, this set shows the work on a composer exhibiting complete technical & conceptual control over the early European tape-studio in a way that few truly did - remarkable this music has flown under the radar for so long.

This 2018 edition augments the proceedings with the Electro-Acoustic piece "Marlos Grosso Brasileiras" ("Chant D´Amitié Pour Flute, Violon, Clavecin Et Bande Magnetique, Dédié À Marlos Nobre Et Au Trio Baroque") as featured on the Pavane LP "Trio Baroque", along with the three pieces of hers on the Joanna Bruzdowicz, Olivier Messiaen, Aquiles Delle Vigne "Untitled" LP, also on Pavane, completing her output for the label. 


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