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[CP 150-151 CD] Jean Hoyoux; Planètes, III Hymne

[CP 150-151 CD] Jean Hoyoux; Planètes, III Hymne

Creel Pone
CP 150-151 CD
Double Compact Disc-Recordable

Last copies of this 2016 reédition, now including Hoyoux's second LP, "III Hymne" on a second disc (first is "Planètes" A • B • C, then is "Planètes" D, "III Hymne" A • B) with all seven inserts for "Planètes" recreated on a double-sided accordion-fold sheet!

This 1981 “Kosmiche” stunner - originally issued by “CRETS” - or Centre de Recherches et d’Etudes en Thérapies Sonores in a miniscule, “internal” edition - by Jean "Le Fennec" Hoyoux follows en ligne w/ the Jean-Jacques Perrey title 10 or so “Dots” back; its seven extended pieces form a course of “sound therapy” similar in tone to Angel Rada’s “hand-played” explorations in rubato-rooted forms.

The largely tonal pieces - recorded using string & choir synthesizers, vocoders, drum machines, etc. along with a heavy battery of phasing & time-based effects - lands somewhere between a “Library-music” - styled mood excursion and a genuinely transformative mind-melter that ranks as one of the more obscure entrants into the obscure electronic music canon.


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