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[CP 175 CD] James Dashow; Computer Music, Musica Elettronica+

Creel Pone

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Handy collection of all of Composer James Dashow's early Computer Music issued in the vinyl era, including his 1982 Edipan "Computer Music / Musica Elettronica" LP, plus his track from the "Computer Directions" collection on CRI & the piece "La Pianta Di Livio" tucked onto the end of the soundtrack to the film "Oedipus Orca" released on Cinevox.

Dashow started out in the Chicagoland area, studying with J. K. Randall amongst others before heading to Italy on a Fulbright in the late 60s where he set up shop at the University of Padova & began working on some of the first Computer Music compositions in Italy as well as hosting a New Music show on RAI & authoring the MUSIC30 synthesis software package.

The first piece, "Effetti Collaterali" was realized with Hubert S. Howe's Music 4BF in 1975 & features clarinetist Philip Rehfeldt - whose Advance-label recital LPs are worth a good hard listen; "Partial Distances" was composed at the Studio di Musica Elettronica Sciadoni & despite the "Analog Electronic Music" tag was also generated via early Software Synthesis methods in 1979; the side-length "Conditional Assemblies per Nastro Magnetico" closes out the Edipan set w/ a 20-minute piece rendered via Barry Vercoe's MUSIC360. 

The first bonus piece, "Second Voyage" was completed at the Centro Sonologia Computazionale in Padova in 1982 & features a John Ashberry text sung by George Shirley; finally "La Pianta da Livio" closes things out with a ferocious tape-melt etude realized at the Studio di Musica Elettronica Sciadoni in Rome - the rest of the Soundtrack is mild echo-sax romance w/ lyrical synth-drip, but that piece is pure brimstone & hellfire.

Nice glossy sheen to the booklet here; good to see Mr. P.C. C.P. up to his old tricks - clearly visible price-tag in the reproduction of the Edipan, with the art of the bonus-track LPs on the gatefold.