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[CP 164 CD] Iván Patatich; Musical Electro-Alchemy

Creel Pone

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The only solo outing by "Works of Electronic Music" alumnus Iván Patatich, a collection of six late-70s Electronic works realized at the Institute of Sonology in Utrecht & "H'EAR" - the Electronic Music Studio of the Hungarian Radio, including "Antiphons (Antifonák)" (1977), "Calling sounds (Hivó jelek)" (1977), "Ballade" (1976), "Ludus syntheticus" (1977), "Chinese temple with echo (Kínai templom visszhanggal)" (1979), & "Hommage à l'électronique" (1978).

Much like the László Dubrovay "Live Electronic" LP / CP - whose pieces were rendered almost entirely contemporaneously with the ones here - there's an emphasis on augmented live-played & live-spoken fragments with all manner of Rack-Mount Sound-Modifying apparatus; Harmonizers, Echo, Ring Modulation, all working in glorious accord to transform the recognizable sound palette into often gristly, alien timbres.