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Călin Ioachimescu, Șerban Nichifor; Oratio II, Magic Spell, Miss Christina

Creel Pone
CP 233 CD
Compact Disc-Recordable

Continuing in this insanely eye-ear-opening campaign of gems buried deep in the Romanian Electrecord catalogue, years in the making and my main personal contribution to the series in recent years, is this split release. offering a side each of pieces by Composers Călin Ioachimescu & Șerban Nichifor. 

Comprised of two selections, "Magic Spell (1973) for 8 soloists, strings and percussion instruments" & ""Oratio II (1981) for wind instruments, percussion and electronic sources" Ioachimescu's sound-world arrives fully formed, 

Conversely, Nichifor's ongoing lyric suite "Miss Christina (1980-82)" was endlessly revised in the intervening years, but appears here in embryonic form replete with its Mircea Eliade libretto & featuring the Composer himself on aberrant ARP Synthesizer interjections.


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