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01. Daniele Patucchi; Catena Di Montaggio (2:21)
02. Mario Molino; Centro Elettronico (4:10)
03. Mario Nascimbene; Alienazione (6:00)
04. Tito Schipa Jr.; Città Pietrificata (2:07)
05. Mario Nascimbene; Tecnologia Senza Anima (2:02)
06. Giovanni Fusco; Umanità Involuta (2:30)
07. Vittorio Gelmetti; Quarta Dimensione (5:50)
08. Mario Nascimbene; Acque Senza Vita (7:20)
09. Ennio Morricone; Mondo Perduto (2:57)
10. Ugo Calise; Ypsilon Due (0:57)
11. Ugo Calise; Hanno Bussato? (2:04)

[CP 259 CD] Industriale, Ecologico

Creel Pone

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Reproduction of possibly the most elusive of the early CAM Avant-Garde titles, this collection of, largely, Electro-Acoustic work, issued in 1973 as CML-025, highlights the work of an amazingly prescient bank of Italian Avant-Garde Film & Music figures, including Daniele "Men Of The Sea / Sharks And Men" Patucchi, Mario "Peones / Tartuga / Zimbelius" Molino, Mario "Benna / Psycorama" Nascimbene, Tito "Orfeo 9" Schipa Jr., Giovanno "Vasco Ugo Finni" Fusco (fresh off of scoring "Deserto Rosso" with...), Vittorio "Organum Quadruplum" Gelmetti, Ennio "Dansavio / Leo Nichols" Morricone (honestly a dream to finally find that elusive Morricone Early Electronic gem out there in Library-land!), & Ugo Calise sticks to the RAI-centric production methods throughout and is just lousy with haunted atmopsheres and grimy overmodulated lines.

This Creel Pone replica edition keeps the Minimalistis aesthetics of the original edition intact, offering both the Cover/Rear details as well as the Multi-Language Inner Sleeve on its own two panels. Great to finally knock off this last missing piece of the CAM puzzle after the C.P. replications of the Andres Lewin-Richter, Vittorio Marino, & Marcello Giombini titles of recent/yore!