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[CP 000.21 CD] İlhan Mimaroğlu; The Complete Folkways Recordings

Creel Pone

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This was the 21st "Proto Creel Pone," and keeping the 000.X1 Folkways theme alive, it was a no-brainer to dovetail the Finnadar, Atlantic, & (now) Folkways work of Mr. Mimaroğlu together contiguously like this, if only to inundate you with the raw opulence of his incredibly prolific 1970s.

Across both discs you get "Tract: A Composition Of Agitprop Music For Electromagnetic Tape" (composed at the American Center for Students and Artists, Paris, as well as the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center 1972-74 & "featuring the singing and speaking voice of Tully Sand, with the participation of the pop group Topsy Turvy Moon", #FTS 33441, 1975), then "To Kill A Sunrise b/w La Ruche" (ditto, Columbia-Princeton 1974, plus the Studios of the GRM 1968, #FTQ 33951, 1976). and finally the "Pieces Sentimentales" from "Piano Music Of The Middle East" (#FM3360, 1978).

This deluxe C.P. replica goes as far as presenting the artwork for all three LPs on an apropos "Textured" booklet, along with recreations of both inserts (the TKAS/Ruche one is even on proper crimson-red stock) as well as the to-scale "Obi" strips for 33441 & 33951 on a single dual-sided card-stock number.