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[CP 199.05 CD] André Jaume, Michel Redolfi; Hardscore, Le Collier De La Colombe

Creel Pone

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2021 reédition, now including the entirety of the June 3, 1977 Redolfi-produced  Studio du Groupe de Musique Expérimentale de Marseille (GMEM) solo André Jaume session (issued with extra tracks as "Le Collier De La Colombe", AKA "The Necklace Of The Dove" on PALM that year) - as these recordings yielded the source-material for the Redolfi half of "Hardscore" it makes perfect sense to include them here after said!

C.P. reproduction of this obscure early 80s affair between the GRM-aligned French Composer Michel Redolfi and venerable Free Sax proponent André Jaume. Featuring easily the worst cover imaginable (hence its appearance in the maligned 199.x serié) this two-part suite is actually a hidden gem of rogue Acoustic-Electronic interplay & tight, blocky Concrète moves, heavily featuring Redolfi's Synclavier interjections. 

The A-Side's Jaume-led suite features a quartet w/ Jean-Marc Montera on guitar, Jacques Diennet on keys, and the Composer on live Synclavier interruptions across three discrete pieces; the three-part "Cupabia", "Opalescence" & "Ballade Pour Hector". Redolfi does wonders for realigning the instrument as a performance solution; his deft live-sampling & re-purposings of the group's squawk & chatter lends to a set of music that shies away from all of the Max Headroom-esque associations.

The B-Side features two of Redolfi's studio pieces utilizing Jaume's reeds & materials read & sung by Lanie Goodman & Frank Royon Le Mée; "Naissance Et Agonie De Ma Lampe De Chevet" ; it's as beguiling and bewitching as his GRM works and/or anything in the "Sonic Waters" series.