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[CP 064 CD] Iatrogenics

Creel Pone

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Every so often there’s a Creel Pone that breaks out of the underlying cold / academic vibe and reminds us that it wasn’t all brimstone & hellfire back in the “Era” - although I specifically see a “1983” cut-off date on the foil-seal and a “1984” production date on the print-work; hmm. Case in point; this reproduction of a bizarre Private-Press LP, as assembled / produced by “The Electronic Music Club of Edmonds Community College.” This falls pretty damn far from the Creel Pone tree, stylistically, but then again this really isn’t all that different from the “Conrad & Sohn” record; short song-length vignettes made on several Modular-Synth rigs, with the occasional Vocoded vocal about some space-conceit or whatever - a few “Out-There” Collage-Concrète beasts, but for the most part: Songs.

It’s funny to think of a record that came out of a Community College as “Academic” - it’s about as Academic as the "Original Compositions by Junior and Senior High School Students" pieces on the Creelpolation - if not less-so - but even still, after a few listens this record certainly won me over with it’s uniquely singular vision. A few pieces on here - specifically the Richard Perkins radio-static-flip - rival the Dub Taylor Creel Pone for sheer head-scratch tactics, and it’s certainly revealing to listen to a few early 80s hobbyists fumble their way around an Electronic Music studio. Definitely not one for everyone, but for those infatuated with “Outsider” concepts in music as applied to the new-wave era - well, you might find some gold within.