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ho sempre desiderato avere
un cane, un gatto ed un cavallo -
ora ho un gatto ed un cavallo,
mi manca soltanto il cane

01. Concerto P. 2 - Maggio 1973 (18:08)

02. Concerto P. 3 - Maggio 1973 (17:48)


03. Concerto F. 5 - Gennaio 1975 (6:48)
04. Concerto F. 6 - Gennaio 1975 (8:46)

05. Concerto P. 18 - Gennaio 1975 (15:43)

Marcello Morandini

06. Seven Sonorous Canes (3:53)

[CP 000.07 CD] Franca Sacchi; Ho Sempre Desiderato Avere..., Essere +

Creel Pone

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This was the seventh of the ca. 2003 "Proto Creel Pone" titles, collecting both of Italian Composer Franca Sacchi's Private Press (Edizioni Toselli [F.S. 001, 1973] & Edizioni Musicala [F.S. 002, 1975], respectively) LPs of Instrumental Works (the former consists of two extended pieces for Solo Piano; the latter Flute & "Inside" Piano ruminations). Although primarily known for her Electro-Acoustic works (as issued in the interim by Die Schachtel) these two suites of Minimal Modern Compositions are extremely inviting; intimate & laced with the sort of extended techniques & intuitive-leaning explorations more commonly associated with Free Improvisation.

The disc concludes with a bonus track covering a related-but-unrelated flexidisc included with Marcello Morandini's 1968 monograph offering just shy of 4 minutes of in-situ recordings of "Seven Sonorous Canes hung in front of a panel in such a way that the visitor can strike them and make the musical notes do/re/mi/fa/sol/la/si" as performed/captured/edited by Sacchi that year.