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[CP 068 CD] Hilda Dianda, Nelly Moretto, Luis Maria Serra; Musica Electroacustica

Creel Pone

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2021 reédition of this seminal early C.P. classic, now including Serra's EPIC (24-minute!) piece "Abismos (1971)" as a bonus, fifth track! Try as we did to find additional Avant-Electronic works by Dianda & Moretto, it turns out that the former's 1976 piece "...Después El Silencio... Composición Electroacústica" (now included as part of the recently-revised, triple-disc version of CP 130-131, "Música Nueva Latinoamerica") is her only issued/recorded work other than the two pieces presented here, and in fact Moretto's masterful "Composición 9b" is her only Electronic work!

Second Creel Pone of the year; a reproduction of this dynamic 1970 LP, originally co-released by the (deep breath) “Municipalidad de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires”, the “Secretaria de Culturia” and the “LS 1 Radio Municipal de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires” in a tiny internally-distributed edition, consisting of four extended pieces by Argentinian composers Hilda Dianda, Nelly Moretto, and Luis María Serra from the tail-end of the 1950s through the end of the 1960s.

The underlying theme that binds these 4 pieces is most certainly their use of space - especially notable in Dianda’s opening piece “A-7” - a lone cello plucks out an atonal array of notes with only the occasional eruption of tape-sound to keep them company... on her “Dos Estudios en Oposición” the tape-sounds are left to themselves in a shining display of restraint coming across like a lost Luigi Nono tape piece (albeit considerably more subdued!)

On the “flip”, Nelly Moretto introduces her “Composición 9b”, a creepy blend of spoken word/sound-poetry with filtered noise and extensive tape processing, occasionally piling up into a giant jumble of disembodied voices; a spectral choir... finally, Luis María Serra’s “Invocation” works a few dissonant plucked guitar notes & string-scrapes into a powerful morass of shifting pings and grinding metal; a notable guitar/electronic forebear.

Prior to the arrival of this sublime Creel Pone i’d never heard of any of these composers - once again a grand eye/ear-opening measure c/o Mr. P.C. C.P.!