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Concerto Per Un Quadro Di Adami(Edizioni Studio Marconi #HA 001, 1972)

01. Concerto Per Un Quadro Di Adami (16:17)

02. "Unplayable" Second Side (26:47)

[CP 281.03 CD] Henry Martin; Concerto Per Un Quadro Di Adami

Creel Pone

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March 2023; third title in this vault-clearing initiative (appearing just a little early due to the pending move) covering, ostensibly, this 1972 "Single-Sided" (more on that in a second) Private-Issue (via Edizioni Studio Marconi) Text-Sound-Art work by the Fluxus Historian & Author (infamously he published "An introduction to George Brecht's Book Of The Tumbler On Fire" in 1978) & Composer Henry Martin, based on one of Valerio Adami's paintings (assuming it's the hand-wash-wringing silhouette as featured on one of the inner panels).

Comprised of a noisy, room-tone, handling-artifact-laden recording of a funeral-procession-esque synchronized group-mind reading subjected to endless tape-direction & speed manipulations until the original con/text is all but oblierated, this fits squarely in the same Sound Poetry nexus as generationally adjacent works by such pivotal figures as Henri Chopin, François Dufrêne, & P.C. Fencott, and is a hell of a thrillride in the grand Broken Music tradition.

Although issued w/ the ~20 minute work taking up the entirety of the A-Side, the ostensibly "Blank" B-Side is in fact laden w/ an entirely apropros overlapping miasma of half-etched grooves (as hinted in the cryptic liners; w/ the sum total of the Enlish transliteration taking up panel #1 inside) and for sake of argument/completion, roughly 26 minutes of an "Audiophile-Grade" Turntable/Needle's ongoing war w/ said is included here as a "Bonus Track" (for better, or worse...)