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[CP 166 CD] Henry Krutzen; Silances

Creel Pone

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Continuing in the Creel Pone "6" Igloo program, here's a picture-perfect reproduction of one of the more obscure & bewitching entrants into the label's early discography, Henry Krutzen's 1981 "Silances" LP; IGL 006. 

Nestled somewhere between Ghédalia Tazartès' mutant Sound Poetry, Anton Bruhin's acoustic / Alphorn drones & the more "Private" sensibilities of Badouin Oosterlynck, Paul A.R. Timmermans, or latter-day channelers like Raymond Dijkstra, the largely quiet, humble multi-track constructs - utilizing a palette of voice, hand percussion, piano, harmonica, saxophone, synthesizer, and only the subtlest of Electronic embellishments - work amazingly well at evoking a particular aesthetic that recalls mid-period Nurse With Wound inasmuchas "List" participants such as Franz Kamin's "Behavioral Drift II / Rugugmool," recent C.P. "Graduate" David Cope's "K • Weeds," or even Dominique Lawalrée's Editions Walrus output.

Regardless of affiliation - or lack thereof - this is a beguiling outing full of lush drones & assorted alchemical wizardry that fits perfectly in the recent stream of Acoustic-leaning Musique Concrète styles.