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Henri Chopin; Audiopoems

Creel Pone
CP 111 CD
Compact Disc-Recordable
Right here is a Creelproduction of Henri Chopin’s first - and, inarguably, best - album, initially readied by the UK-based Tangent imprint - alongside canonic sides by the Spontaneous Music Ensemble and Ann(e)a Lockwood’s “The Glass World” - in 1971, issuing three pieces of his particular strain of throat-infected Sound-Poetry, mangled in-situ via tape machine in 1969. 

No other recording captures Henri’s work at it’s most unfettered. The epic, side-length “Pluralité” offers a determined rise from tape-slown whale-song into freaked-out tape-echo murmur into a feedback hailstorm & finally into a multi-faceted sound-on-sound masterstroke that rates as one of his finest moments & is pretty much the blueprint from everything from the various Schimpfluch factions’ transgressions to the mulch of Dylan Nyoukis & C. Spencer Yeh.


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