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[CP 079 CD] Heins Hoffman-Richter; Music to Freak your Friends and Break your Lease

Creel Pone

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Ah, once again Mr. P.C. C.P.; you’ve read my mind. Here we have a classic example of an entirely serviceable suite of Noisy, Feedback-laden Electronic Music - entitled “Symphony for Tape Delay, IBM Instruction Manual, & Ohm Septet” - masquerading as a tongue-in-cheek / exploitation-lineage LP; (the front cover, with its concentric neon-green Bride-of-Frankenstein, reads only “Music to Freak your Friends and Break your Lease.”

Originally released in 1974 on “The House that Rod built;” Stanyan records - all things considered, most likely Composed / Executed by mr. Beatsville himself - this is a great slab of Woozy, Plunderphonic Musique Concrète, with snatches of everything from Raymond Scott’s “Soothing Sounds for Baby - the source material for the entire 4th movement - to speed-altered Chamber Music - the 3rd, which sounds remarkably like Bent Lorentzen’s “The Bottomless Pit” in spots - water sounds, etc. - all peppered with blasts of high-frequency Feedback - from the sound of it most likely generated Toshimaru Nakamura-style by patching Mixer send byses back into Live Channels - Synthesizer squawk and, of course, a thick coating of Tape Echo on everything. 

Impressively dissonant / squelch-oriented work, even moreso given its company at the time - the stock Stanyan inner-sleeve, wonderfully reprinted here on the inside of the booklet's "Gatefold" highlights such Harsh Electronic-Noise gems as Acker Bilk’s “Above the Stars,” “Great American Movie Themes,” Rock Hudson’s “Rock Gently,” and, of course, “Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Simon & Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits played by The September Strings” - fits perfectly in the head-scratcher canon alongside Dub Taylor, Luis De Pablo, The Inside of the Outside /or The Outside of the Inside, etc.