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Heifetz Plays Heifetz (Orion #ORS 80366, 1980)

001. Susurrus For Two-Channel Tape (4:43)
002. För Anders Lundberg: Mardröm 29 30 10 For Computer (11:43)

003. Flykt For Computer And Piano (6:54)
004. Wasteland For Computer (6:15)

Israeli Electroacoustic Music (Folkways Records #FSS 33878, 1981)

005. A Clear And Present Danger (8:45)

Israeli Vocal And Instrumental Music (Folkways Records #FTS 37466, 1986)

006. Leviathan (4:03)

[CP 267 CD] Robin Julian Heifetz; Heifetz Plays Heifetz +

Creel Pone

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May 2022; another one that took just ages to finally sort out... Issued in 1980 in the same "Orion Stereo Super Sound" run as Ralph Swickard & Kenneth Heller's absurdly great Christian / Fear-of-God Noise-blast classic "Sermons Of Saint Francis / Hymn Of Creation / Labyrinth" (check [CP 056-057-058] for the "Good" side), Richard Grayson & Tom Oberheim's "Live Electronic Music" (ditto), and countless other regional Academia-leaning Avant-Electronic gold, this suite of four pieces by the American Composer Robin Julian Heifetz came a few years after his curation of both the Folkways "Israeli Electroacoustic Music" & "Israeli Vocal & Instrumental Music" (his own pieces on which appear as "Bonus" material herein) & is packed with 4 extended pieces.