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[CP 159 CD] Hans Otte, Takis, Nam June Paik; On Earth, Klangraum Takis, Duett Paik/Takis

Creel Pone

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2021 reédition, now including the (only) other Edition Kölnischer Kunstverein title, Takis & Nam June Paik's "Klangraum Takis" b/w "Duett Paik/Takis" (EKK-1) on a second disc! The C.P. P.T.B. hemmed & hawed for a minute around how to configure them, but seeing as the Takis/Paik concert happened a week after the Otte exhibition, they're here in chronological (rather than catalogue-number) order. Includes a newly reconfigured 6-panel booklet containing every stray detail/element from the two LPs (including a simulacrum of the original mailer these exact copies shipped to their prior owner in ca. 1979, as drop-shipped directly from the EMI Electrola plant) & the signatures of all three Artists blown-up to legibility, as well as the "Stamp" of Paik's Berlin Atelier!

Monster Holy-Grail Sound-Art / Sound-Sculpture / Live-Electronic / Drone Masterpiece by German Composer Hans Otte, one of two titles issued by the Kölnischer Kunstverein's in-house imprint (as EKK-2) - the other being the Nam June Paik / Takis "Duett Paik/Takis / Klangraum Takis" LP - featuring excerpts of a staging of the piece "On Earth" given there on June 13th, 1979.

Bookended by a narrative / descriptive overlay spoken by Elisabeth Weber & Wilfried Grimpe, the piece quickly ascends into a whir of subtly animated electronic timbres, seemingly emanating from a series of flat black cubes laid out on the gallery floor. The result is that of a more tuned-in version of Roland Kayn's massed long-form works, heavily utilizing the space's gorgeous acoustic as a resonant filtering agent.