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[CP 066 CD] H. Tical; Impact, Synthesized Sound and Music, Nº 37 - Modulations

Creel Pone

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2016 reédition, now also including the artwork from the Musique Pour L'Image ‎(MPI/LP 537) pressing of this classic early 70s Armando Sciascia Avant-Electronic Library!

Looks like this is the last title of the year folks - and what a year it’s been !!! - enjoy the break for the next few weeks, sit back and spend some quality time with the Creel Pones on hand, or go back and check out some of the ones you’ve missed. I’m told that Mr. P.C. C.P. will resume his regular schedule halfway into January 2007 with a pretty ridiculous set of new reproductions. Until then...

Here we have a 1971 Vedette library LP by Armando Sciascia recorded at the "3D - Electronic Music Center," credited to the alias “H. Tical,” - a name that should be familiar to many of you via the "Distortions Pop" Sonimage Library, later issued by Vedette sub-label Spider under the artist-name "Blue Phantom" as simply "Distortions;" itself earning an almost "Stringtronics" -level mythic status - containing a set of fugue-state-inducing song-length pieces for Synthesizer - VCS3, if I know my synths - minimal and mostly free-time, this is gnarly, distorted stuff consisting of lonely sweeps of ring-modulated grankle, drippy spring-reverbed rhythm patterns, and hostile, filtered white-noise.

I used to be mystified as to how Library records such as this came to exist, let alone be commissioned in the first place - but this does do a bang-up job at evoking some barren void of a landscapealien or otherwise - in a way its the polar opposite of the Tod Dockstader Library music Creel Pones; a closer comparison would be to imagine the individual synthesizer parts from the Pierre Henry “Mise en Musique” Creel Pone laid bare and given the full frequency spectrum to gnaw at the temple. Not the easiest-on-the-ears of the recent C.P. discography by a long-shot, but if you’re feeling some vapor-trail dust and/or the raw, unpolished voltage of early synthesizer blat, this could be your magic rainbow-arc.