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[CP 065 CD] Grupo Experimental Electroacustico; MusikAutomatika

Creel Pone

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Here’s a first (for Creel Pone at least) a reproduction of the debut album by a Venezualan Electro-Acoustic collective, featuring Luis Levin, Alvise Sacchi, and Stefano Gramitto, recorded at some point between the group’s inception in 1978 and the release of this LP in 1983.

This one flew right in, way below my own radar; I’ve never heard/seen reference to this ensemble (nor its individual members!) yet the music inside is yielding some fairly lofty comparisons: snatches of 60s-era INA-GRM Concrète, Electro-Acoustic free-improv ensembles such as the other Grup(p)o, and synth-drone mavericks such as Jean-Claude Eloy and even Maurizio Bianchi. The overall wasted / challenged fidelity really drives it home, but what’s the most remarkable is how the Grupo shift seamlessly between “Serious” Avant-Garde signifiers (much ring-modulation of dissonant source material) and almost “Pop” chord-progressions & sentimentalities, the kind of melodies evident on the “Song of the Second Moon” LP. This sort of sensibility is referred to elsewhere on the web as “Prog moves” - apt, even though that phrase causes me a little bit of dyspepsia every time I read it.

This Creel Pone edition comes as a reconfigured 6-panel number, with a reproduction of the hand-written / typed xerox insert on the inner panels, explaining the details of the ensemble’s modus (in Spanish) with diagrams and sketches, and at least one photo of a Grupo member with an iguana/sprite or two on his shoulders! Again, like last weeks “Iatrogenics,” not the hardcore dark-academia typical of the mid-series Creel Pone, but much closer in spirit to titles such as the Fuzzy / Svend Christiansen &/or the Warner Jepson.