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[CP 265 CD] Ulrich Blume; Ground Your Ears, Collage Abstracte

Creel Pone

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Here's an interesting proposition (especially when the C.P. P.T.B. have been scouring the globe for this exact sort of thing for 16 years now): a somehow hitherto unknown "Private Press" LP released in Germany ca. 1983 covering Ulrich Blüme's "Impulsive Music Electronical Created" ("IMEC", for short), incorporating structures from a decidedly first-gen post-Berlin-School approach with aspects of nascent home-recording freedom(s) and (most attractively) a wannabe/pseudo-academic flair that has C.P. written all over it (there's even a fine bit of motorik blurt that belies its origins in the off-world tape-trader proto-social networks of the early 1980s, which is also extremely appealing!) Shades of Raicevic-ian glorp galore, esp. in the hand-played feeling figures and general wander-about synthesis & application of seemingly every time-based effect, in sequence...

This precious gem, with its black-and-white paste-on aesthetics perfectly preserved in its own clear CPP "vitrine", is aided & abetted by the 2nd Acoustrone outing (ACT 002 UB) from a few years, continuing cleanly, chronologically-speaking, covering five pieces from just after"Ground", all of which come across as more aesthetic & experimental, pushing for a perceived "Kunst-Ton" feel which is not without its merits. Both albums are represented on a single 6-panel booklet, with a reproduction of the "Promotional" insert included w/ the initial copies of "Ground".