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[CP 096 CD] Giuliano Sorgini; Elettroformule

[CP 096 CD] Giuliano Sorgini; Elettroformule

Creel Pone
CP 096 CD
Compact Disc-Recordable
First in a series of 4 late-summer 2009 blasters from Mr. P.C. C.P. - a reproduction of this über-obscure 1969 Italian Leo-label library R@ER - in Mono, no less - from Giuliano Sorgini.

If you already have Sorgini’s name on your radar, most likely you’re either :: (1) a collector of Italian library-music LPs, of which he has many under his belt as "Raskovich" or (2) an avid fan of Spanish director Jorge Grau’s 1975 film “Non Si Seve Profanare il Sonno dei Morti” - aka “The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue,” or, more commonly, “Let Sleeping Corpses Lie," widely repped as one of the best zombie films ever made - to which Sorgini lent his formidable film-score talents.

Starting here with some fine Farfisa rumble, Sorgini layers on piles of spectrally-processed - read : band-pass filtered - chord-clouds, before a huge wave of bleep-heavy Musique Concrète noises take over the scene, obliterating any trace of rhythm and/or melody. In fact, over the 13 short vignettes here, both the Farfisa and melodic percussion elements act out the leitmotifs, but rarely are they left to be for more than a few seconds at a time before crashing, tape-speed manipulated noises interject, lending a flair of orchestrated madness seldom heard amidst the “Groovy” studio-library sides of the time.

Upgraded C.P. spec here, including full-color everything - even high-quality reproductions of the LP itself in the “Gatefold,” As we wind down to C.P. #100 - the planned “Final” volume, we’re only 10 or so away -expect these next few to be real doozies.


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