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[CP 000.31 CD] Kiyohiko Sano, Masami Tada, Masaru Soga; GAP (Ground Apple Practice), Kiui

Creel Pone

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This was the 31st of the ca. 2003 "Proto Creel Pone" titles (well, a reproduction of the ALM "GAP" LP alone; here augmented by member Kiyohiko Sano's later ALM 2LP "Kiui" & expanded into a triple-disc edition). An absurdly great early stab at Non-Idiomatic Improvisation from a trio of Japanese Sound Artists, "GAP" (#AL-3005) was released in 1978 alongside such classics as East Bionic Symphonia's "Recorded Live", Akio Suzuki's "Analapos", & Matsuo O(h)no & Takehisa Kosugi's "Roots Of Electronic Sound", see [CP 025 CD]) & presents an alternate vein of precise, iterative, pointillist music as carved out by AMM, Group Ongaku, in the decade prior. "Kiui" (#AL-3008/9) was released in 1979 & continues the general flair for pause-pregnant solo instrumental studies (the guitar pieces are a revelation, with an almost Wandelweißerische sense of space) albeit captured in the stark, room-toned fidelities of the era's best Free/Jazz.