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[CP 225 CD] Gabriel Brnčić; Chile Fértil Provincia..., Cueca Para La Exaltación De Jorge Peña Hen, Destierro, Cielo+

Creel Pone

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... a gentle, sensible pairing of Chilean Electro-Acoustic Composer & Violist Gabriel Brnčić's two Spanish LPs compiled across two discs (incidentally, this is now the first "CP XX5" title to take up more than one! The C.P. P.T.B. just kept turning up more & more relevant material and BAM here we are at this absolutely embarrassment of riches) issued a few short years after his relocation to Barcelona in 1974.

Issued on LP & Cassette in 1979 by Gonzalo de la Puerta's Ambar label, "Chile Fértil Provincia... b/w Cueca Para La Exaltación De Jorge Peña Hen" pairs the titular pieces in a somewhat unholy alliance: "Chile" is a side-length Musique Concrète number largely involving Brncic's Synth & Tape Manipulation work (created in his "Laboratorio De Sonido") cut in a jagged trajectory alongside traditional Chilean Folk performances by Juan Carlos Villegas, Jorge Sarraute, Jordi Mestres, & Alejandro Lazo. It's an amazing agitprop piece on par with Pequeño's "¡Ahora!" & fits well alongside Juan Blanco's similar melding of folk & abstract forms. This is followed by  "Cueca", which turns out to be a piece for two "Classical" Guitarists (performed here by Eulogio Davalos & Miguel Angel Cherubito) wherein the two flit around their respective fretboards in figures ranging from typically showboat-oriented bright & spiky tangents (reminiscent of those McLaughlin Shakti records) to a series of quite discordant scratches & scrapes, the sort that wouldn't be out of place on a Wilhelm Bruck & Theodor Ross realization of, say, a Kagel or Lachenmann piece.

This first disc of the set is augmented by a pair of pieces; first, a live performance of Brncic's "Memento, Mortus Est! For Clarinet, Violin And Electronic Sounds" by Efrain Guigui & Israel Chorberg recorded at the Center for Inter-American Relations on April 5, 1969 & issued on said's "At The Center" compilation later the same year... then a restored version of his Tape piece "El túnel (a Ernesto Sábato)" Composed at CLAEM, Instituto Di Tella (Buenos Aires, Argentina) in 1970.

The second disc covers the 1980 "Destierro Y Cielo" set (incidentally also issued on both LP & Cassette by the Hemis ferio label; the same that issued both the Anna Ricci and/or Andrés Lewin-Richter LPs replicated as CP 160-161 a couple of years later) cover the titular side-length wind-swept suites for solo Synthesizer (the former) & a sordid Viola / Synth duet (the latter). The second disc is closed out by Jesus Villa Rojo's performance of his 1986 piece "Tonalidad Dominante (La Bemol)" for clarinet and magnetic tape, with "Electronics [Processing]" performed live here by Brncic himself. 

This Creel Pone editions presents the artwork of all four interrelated original editions (along with their respective gatefolds & inserts) across 6 panels; you're definitely going to need one of the Fresnel Lenses from either "Creelpolation" or the Clark Gesner to properly glean the appropriate contexts...